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on Dec 2ND, I will be the keynote speaker at a conference hosted by the gwinnett county school system

There will be 764 kids ages 9-11 years in attendance and I  truly want that day to be impactful. In addition to an inspiring speech, I would like to give back.

I would love to give every child and the parents in attendance a copy of my book 'Be more, Do more, Have more at no cost to them. Of course nothing is really free so it means we would need to pay for it.

Why this book? Well, because it is filled with simple yet powerful principles that they can learn and start using even from this young age. It will truly supercharge their productivity and set them apart from their peers. The one thing most people said at the last conference I hosted was that they wished they learned the information taught when they were younger. Now you can help these kids do just that.

The book sells for $9.99 on Amazon, so this is the deal. I will do a 100% match so if you will purchase a book at $5, I will pick up the rest of the cost.

I am looking for sponsors that will partner with me to purchase at least 764 books. These are the different categories..


$50 for 10 books

$100 for 20 books

$200 for 40 books

$500 for 100 books

$1000 for 200 books


I look forward to working with you and being a blessing to these kids.

Thank you so much for your support!!

- Dr, Una