I am a self proclaimed Jesus lover, wife for over a decade, mother to 4 wonderful children, pediatrician, business owner, public speaker and mentor.

I started off like a lot of people with low self esteem, plagued with fears, too scared to even dream because I was sure that I would fail.

However, over the course of a few years, I learned a lot of principles that took me from a fearful lady afraid to dream to a very successful woman loaded with DREAMS.

Now my mission is to crush fear everywhere I see it, awaken dead dreams and help people develop blueprints to make their dreams reality.

I have spoken at many conferences and mentored many people and it has been my privilege to watch their life transformation.

I’m glad you have joined the tribe and I am looking forward to hearing your story!!


Dr. Una 







“Dr Una is the perfect blend of wisdom & nurturing, sprinkled with a little tough love. This combo has blessed, challenged and helped me to reach over half of my written goals !!! “
— Elease, personal trainer, radio host & owner of 'Fit by Faith'
“Dr Una is a great example of how to effectively use your time, talent and resources !”
— K.E owner of Rhema Word Publishers & Creative Consultants
Because of you, Dr. Una, each year I am able to increase the number of books I read! Your teachings have helped me cultivate a habit of reading, expand my world of wisdom & become a better leader”
— Ketteyle, graduate student
“Dr. Una is proof that you can do it all and have it all! She encourages me to not be satisfied with where I am now, but to strive for greatness by improving myself daily”
— Dr. A. emergency room physician
“ You taught me how to set goals and deliberately work on it daily. Thank you Dr Una!”
— U.A. Master's level student
“I was struggling really badly financially and Dr. Una took the time to work with me step by step. She taught me how to spend my money on paper first before actually spending it. She also showed me how to put money aside in an emergency fund. This financial discipline has allowed me to not only to buy a car cash but to provide a better financial future for my three children!”
— N.W., Owner NatEly Lifetime Memorial Gifts & Collectibles
“ Dr Una’s teachings have given my wife and I all the tools needed for personal development. We attended a goal -setting workshop she taught in the Atlanta area. There are a lot of people teaching personal development out there but she is in a league by herself! Dr. Una’s teachings are practical & engaging; but most importantly - they work! “
— Francis, entrepreneur




Have you ever bought a new piece of furniture and just wished there was a physical human being who could walk you through assembling it instead of a lifeless manual?

If you have, then the Power goals program is just for you.

In this course, I break down the complex process of creating a blueprint to set and achieve your goals. If you will watch the videos and do the course work step by step, you will have all it takes to make the next 12 months your best ever.

Can't wait to hear your story!



Have you ever felt frustrated watching other people's success?
Others seem to be getting ahead in their careers, starting businesses, running successful homes, even have the body you wish you had. For you on the other hand, it seems you are just dealing with opposition and adversity and disappointments.

If you have ever felt this way, Dr. Una's new book- 'The fight to become' is just what you need. In this book, she shares the behind the scene struggles and mistakes that she had to overcome to become the woman she is today. You will find out that if she could, so can you!